Halo Infinite Tease


Yesterday at the biggest gaming event of the year, Microsoft showcased fifty two games, eighteen of which will launch as exclusives.

It teased “Halo Infinite” without giving a timeline for release. The first “Halo” game was released in 2001 and was a key reason for the success of the original Xbox. Fans have been playing Halo for almost two decades now but there hasn’t been a new release since 2015.

We don’t know much about this new game, but the Xbox executive president says it will be the biggest “Halo” adventure yet, and it looks as though it will feature all the mainstays fans love: beautiful environments, space marines fighting aliens, vehicles to get around, and, of course, the longtime series protagonist Master Chief.

Other key exclusives include racing video game “Forza Horizon 4” and “Gears 5.”