Elon Musk sold all 20K Boring flamethrowers, bringing in $10M


Elon Musk’s flamethrower, branded and offered through The Boring Firm, his new tunnel digging enterprise, is now all offered out. Meaning 20,000 consumers have secured pre-orders, and at $500 per, that provides as much as $10 million in dedicated funds heading to The Boring Co’s coffers.

Musk began promoting these through The Boring Firm’s web site only a few quick days in the past, on Saturday, January 27. He famous that 15,000 had been offered simply yesterday, and now the remaining 5,000 are all claimed, per a tweet from the serial founder.

The sell-out of flamethrower inventory follows The Boring Firm’s first profitable merch enterprise, which concerned promoting 50,000 branded hats to followers. Musk have to be feeling magnanimous after doing so nicely with these tangential revenue-generation techniques, as a result of he’s additionally gifting away a “complimentary” Boring Co hearth extinguisher with every flamethrower offered.

The Boring Co. had been retailing these individually as $30 add-ons, however possibly a few of the criticism levied towards Musk and his firm for promoting one thing that doubtlessly harmful obtained by way of, or possibly nobody purchased any of the hearth extinguishers and they also had a bunch of inventory they wanted to be experience of.

This doesn’t imply Musk has raised $10 million free and clear through the sale of the flamethrowers for his younger firm, however the markup might be big so the entire sum of funds generated this fashion isn’t something to sneeze at, both.